Stabilize the County financial budget

Ending yearly budget battles by:

  1. Releasing an annual “5-year projection” to go along with the proposed yearly-budget so that Commissioners and department heads can better prepare for, and hopefully address, issues with the budget well before the last minute
  2. Passing rules that will mandate employee cost-of-living adjustments with each new budget, thereby ensuring workers are no longer used as bargaining chips
  3. Proposing budgets that get ahead of Macon-Bibb’s problems instead of letting the costs of negligence pile on overtime

Ensuring taxation is fair by:

  1. Including West and South Bibb in the Library and transit systems
  2. Proposing tax increases 7-10 months before a vote so the public has time to comment and debate them
  3. Capping the nominal increase on homestead tax bills for residents of low-income areas
  4. Lobbying for additional federal and state funds to support county programs on housing, policing, and other essential social functions of government

Ensuring the budget works for the community by:

  1. Expanding the budget of departments as necessary to make the lives of residents better and more sustainable
  2. Making cuts to those departments not considered essential for the everyday wellbeing of the community, so long as those cuts do not impede the ability of such departments to do their legally mandated duties or support other departments that depend on them
  3. Issuing an annual survey to determine if residents are satisfied with the function of departments of government