On the Issues

Verbin believes that the only way we move forward is by investing and believing in our people. He knows that the thing we want is for our local government to finally begin working for the needs of working families and giving back to the neighborhoods where we have often left them behind. As mayor, he will make it his priority to:

  1. Increase incomes and reduce the poverty rate in Macon-Bibb County
  2. Increase the quality and presence of MTA services
  3. Revitalize local business and reopen closed storefronts
  4. Invest in Macon-Bibb’s Children and Young Adults
  5. Take care of our seniors and retirees
  6. Improve the quality of Public Safety
  7. Improve the quality and affordability of housing
  8. Heal the divisions in our community and make our government work for us
  9. Attract businesses that will work for and support the communities of Macon-Bibb
  10. Improve the health and happiness of our residents
  11. Stabilize the County financial budget
  12. Reinvesting our gains back into the community and making Macon-Bibb the best place to live in Georgia

It takes more than just “believing” in these things to get them done. It takes a leader who is more concerned with the community than their political career. As Mayor Verbin will not back down in his fight to make the lives of our citizens better, and he will not seek reelection without a statistically significant reduction in poverty during his term.