On the Issues

Though he is 27, Verbin is an Old School Liberal that believes in the value of Labor, Social Services, and Justice. From 2015-2020, Verbin was the only Living Wage advocate in Macon-Bibb County, speaking for the needs of workers and families in his community against a backdrop of Anti-Worker Conservative politics in his community. At times even bucking his own party for the good of poor and working people, he has made it his mission to make certain every Georgian has a chance at a happy life with robust opportunities.

As a legislator, Verbin will navigate the Senate to elevate and introduce legislation that will:

  1. Raise the minimum wage from $5.15/hr to a LIVING WAGE for Georgians
  2. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA for recreational use and commercial sale like so many other states have, and finding ways to use this revenue to support programs in Education and Healthcare
  3. Expand access to VOTING RIGHTS, push legislation for paper ballots, and fight to resist Gerrymandering of our districts
  4. Fight to increase MEDICAID funding, secure funds for adequate PUBLIC EDUCATION, and reverse disastrous tax cuts for the highest earners in our state to PAY FOR IT.
  5. Protecting WOMEN’S RIGHTS against the constant assault of the right
  6. Fight for TUITION FREE 2-year colleges and trade school education, a policy that is already improving communities in other states (including our Republican Neighbors in Tennessee)
  7. Supporting CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM, as well as making our NEIGHBORHOODS SAFER
  8. Protecting WORKERS AND FAMILIES through fair insurance and labor laws
  9. Protecting the ENVIRONMENT and CLIMATE through green legislation
  10. Representing EVERYONE as the FIRST Native American State Senator in Ga history, and using this title to elevate the discussion on problems that affect us all

Verbin has the willingness, know-how, and tact necessary to get these policies through a Republican-controlled legislature, but more than that he has the political willpower to support Democrats for office across the state. One day, with Verbin leading from the 26th, we will flip the State Senate!