Invest in Macon-Bibb’s Children and Young Adults

Our young people are our future. I believe that, in spite of what we often are taught, they have a better understanding of the world than we do by the time they reach adulthood. However, their ability to cope with that world is still dependent on whether or not we provide them the resources to grow and the environment to prosper.

I also understand that the majority of our violence actually occurs from residents ages 18 and up, but these adults are continuing a line of reactions to the world that began when they were young. That is why investing in their compassion and ability to seek alternative means of reactions is so important. Through partnering with our Board of Education, and expanding investment into after school programs, I believe we can provide that environment for our young people.

Children who receive investment have a better chance at becoming successful adults, and children who receive love and education have a better chance of being peaceful and tactful adults. By investing in our young peoe, we will grow a generation of Maconites ready to solve the problems of tomorrow, and some may even solve the problems of today.

Reduce childhood hunger and poverty by:

  1. Increasing the average household income in Macon-Bibb, so that parents have the resources they need to provide for their families
  2. Doubling county funding to DFACS in our first budget
  3. Providing family planning resources to young families so they are better prepared for raising children

Reduce youth crime by:

  1. Partnering with the B.O.E. to fund programs aimed at educating students about the alternatives to criminal activity
  2. Reducing the number of young people in difficult situations by reducing poverty conditions (affordable housing, stable incomes in the home)
  3. Increasing funding for youth programs at Macon-Bibb Parks