Increase the quality and presence of MTA services

Our local Transit system is one of the best in the state, doing amazing work to meet the needs of a desperate community when provided few resources for the task by our local government. In fact, for every cut we make locally, they take a double reduction due to a loss of federal funding. This insecure funding model has left MTA unable to grow, upgrade, or even plan for a period longer than 2 years. The political football with this essential service has got to stop.

MTA needs to know our local government can be relied on to match the Federal budget proposed for them in full, with additional funding when we identify a significant need for the community. I will invest heavily in MTA over my 4 years in office, but most importantly we will end the games with the budget.

Ensure the ability of MTA to grow reliably by:

  1. Educating other officials and the public about the value of MTA and mass transit in general
  2. Stabilizing MTA’s financial situation and opening them up to long term planning by passing an ordinance that mandates for five (5) years the county will fully fund the MTA at the amount proposed by the federal government

Partnering with MTA to improve the quality of services by:

  1. Working to promote and establish a plan to replace our current fleet of buses with a larger and more efficient fleet capable of servicing more of the county
  2. Funding a rapid transition to green transit
  3. Establishing a special county fund to subsidize fees on more expensive routes to keep costs down for those who require the service in currently unserved areas

Establishing a long term vision for transit in the Mid State and around Georgia by:

  1. Partnering with MTA and other municipal governments in Macon, Ga to establish a 5-year plan and a 10-year plan to connect the cities of the Mid State
  2. Partnering with MTA, GDOT, our federal Representatives, and municipalities around the state to establish a 10-year and 20-year plan to establish a transit system to connect the major municipalities around the state