Improve the quality of Public Safety

Make neighborhoods safer to be in by:

  1. Adding bike and foot patrols to local communities
  2. Increasing the number of street lights in dim, high crime neighborhoods
  3. Adding sidewalks to those neighborhoods lacking sufficient walking ways
  4. Combining blight remediation efforts with economic development, jobs placement and training, and other income/value increasing practices to reduce the conditions that lead to crime
  5. Providing Deputies a subsidy if they live in Macon-Bibb, so our police also share our neighborhoods

Eliminating the shortage on Sheriff’s deputies by:

  1. Increasing starting pay for Sheriff’s deputies to $42,000 in the first budget
  2. Funding paid training for highly-qualified applicants
  3. Funding a “Recruitment bonus” program to reward deputies who attract new talent to our department

Improving the quality of all public safety workers services by:

  1. Requesting an annual report from the Sheriff’s Office on the number of disciplinary actions taken and the number/nature of complaints made against the department so the Mayor may include this in the State of the Community Address
  2. Requesting a report from the Fire Department and EMA on the number of fires in the county, total damages done, and projected damages prevented by our action so as to include this in the State of the Community Address
  3. By the year 2023, having scaled pay for Sheriff’s Deputies, Firefighters, and essential EMA personnel to a starting wage of a “provider’s wage” (COL for 1 adult + 1 child; currently $49,399 annually or $23.75/hr for a 2080hr workyear)
  4. Conducting an annual survey of residents to evaluate their experiences with policing and fire services in the area and making the results available to the public for review
  5. Funding deputy training programs that teach officers methods for de-escalation, community service, harm-reduction methods for policing, and sensitivity and clear-communications