Improve the health and happiness of our residents

Improve the quality of healthcare in Macon-Bibb by:

  1. Doubling funding for the Health Department
  2. Making dental care more affordable for residents by providing special funding to the Health Department for that low-cost dental service
  3. Advocating for further outside funding into our already robust local healthcare system 

Eliminate food poverty by:

  1. Using “Grocery Buses” to ferry people in food deserts from their neighborhood to the nearest grocery store in the area with quality and fresh produce
  2. Appointing a “Food Ambassador” to work with neighborhood churches, nonprofits, and community organizations to create policy solutions aimed at the food access problems particular to our various neighborhoods
  3. Starting a network of community gardens to provide freshly grown produce to food-poor communities around the area
  4. Moving the State Farmer’s Market to the Old Kroger area on Pio Nono, and encouraging increased participation at the new location.

Encourage residents to get out and be active by:

  1. Funding health-education programs around the community to better educate residents on ways to live a healthy life
  2. Improving green spaces and walking areas at parks and around Macon-Bibb neighborhoods
  3. Partnering with local churches and faith organizations to host “Health Chats” with congregations and surrounding neighborhoods to both encourage them to take charge of their health and to survey the community about their health concerns
  4. Leading by example and participating in nature walks, doing tai chi in the park, and other general exercise and healthy eating activities to set an example for the residents of Macon-Bibb