Heal the divisions in our community and make our government work for us

Establish a diverse government focused on bringing our people together by:

  1. Enacting a gender and racial parity rule for selecting, hiring, and promoting department executives, including providing opportunities for LGBT+ people in leadership
  2. Using the platform of my office to highlight the historic causes of Macon-Bibb’s divisions of races, communities, and classes and host discussions with communities on how to come together and undo that damage
  3. Representing Macon-Bibb as the first Native American Mayor in Georgia history, and using the weight of this title to bring attention to the problems of the populations that are underserved in Macon-Bibb

Make local government more responsive to the community by:

  1. Moving elections for Mayor and Commissioners to November to increase voter attention and turnout
  2. Reduce the length of Commissioner terms to 2 years and increase the consecutive terms limit to 5 for future Commissioners, thereby reducing their maximum time in office from 12 years to 10 years
  3. Establishing minimum office hours for Commissioners so they are more accessible by their constituents
  4. No longer holding the State of the Community Address at the Chamber of Commerce, but instead delivering it at City Hall, so the public may attend free

Increase opportunities for women by:

  1. Increasing funding for women’s services at the Health Department
  2. Eliminating any gender pay gap within county payrolls
  3. Using more female-owned businesses to execute county contracts

Heal the racial divisions that linger in our communities by:

  1. Working with local faith leaders and community leaders to bring historically white and historically black congregations and community groups together for worship, community service, fellowship, etc.
  2. Directing Planning and Zoning to create and execute additional plans to undo the damage dealt by redlining, thereby strengthening the racial integration of our neighborhoods