Add Your Name To Demand Hazard Pay For Georgia Grocery Workers

Petition to grant Georgia grocery store employees hazard pay during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Governor Kemp and Georgia Lawmakers,

The pandemic caused by the novel virus known as "COVID-19" "Coronavirus" or "SARS-Cov-2" has completely disrupted the daily goings-on of the state of Georgia. A Public Health Emergency has been declared, over the past week unemployment claims have risen by 400%, and school districts across the states have closed. It is clear that this will last for some time, at least several weeks, if not months.

At the same time we are recommending everyone stay home, grocery workers are being declared an essential job around the county and being forced to report to work so our communities are not left without groceries and essentials. These workers often lack adequate PPE due to the need to conserve resources for our medical professionals and are still expected to interact with the public on a daily basis. This is a SHAME!

These workers deserve IMMEDIATE, state-mandated hazard pay. We Georgians are petitioning you to use your powers to mandate that grocery workers receive an additional $3-$5 per hour as hazard pay so long as this crisis continues.

**your signature**

PS: Many other workers in other sectors deserve similar benefits to this, including gas station clerks, healthcare workers, and the Sheriff\'s deputies that manage our jails. Consider including them in this proposal