Attract businesses that will work for and support the communities of Macon-Bibb

Create a competitive workforce of skilled employees by:

  1. Working with businesses and educational institutions to set up employer-oriented training programs so that Macon-Bibb workers are guaranteed to be able to fill the positions they are offering
  2. Supporting STEM programs in High Schools and universities to attract technology and engineering companies to Macon-Bibb
  3. Working with local educational institutions to expand on-campus programs for in demand industries including   Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, and IT
  4. Work with colleges, tech schools, and churches to create skills training programs (beyond the federally funded WIOA programs) for blue-collar jobs that poor and low-income community members can affordably access 

Create the perfect community to do commerce in by:

  1. Increasing the disposable income of the typical Macon-Bibb consumer
  2. Attracting new workers and families to the community, so that business leaders envision a community of growth and opportunity when they think “Macon”
  3. Restoring faith in the ability of Macon-Bibb’s government to create a growing and strong municipality to call “home”