"If you work in Macon-Bibb, you deserve to be able to afford to live in Macon-Bibb."

Verbin Weaver


Proud MOWA Choctaw, Construction Worker, and Workers Rights Advocate Verbin Weaver moved to Macon, Ga. at 7 years old in the summer of 1999. He came with his mother, a hard working insurance agent, so she could provide him with an opportunity not afforded to those living in the small towns of Alabama. Thanks to her hard work and love, much of his early childhood was spent in a working class upbringing without a fear of want.

Educated and raised in Bibb County, he knows it as home, and has no intention of leaving. A woman of Christian values, his mother taught him the importance of Honesty, Integrity, and Selflessness. He brought those values with him to his service to this community by being a champion for the call for a Living Wage, emphasizing the importance of siding with Workers during his service in the Bibb County Democratic Party, and by promising to run uncorrupted and free of big donor influence.

He has promised to fight for a government that represents Bibb County, is as diverse and robust as the people it represents, and that can LEAD. He understands the need to fight tooth and nail for those communities that have been forgotten, and to expand on the progress made in those neighborhoods where we’ve seen improvement.


"If just 100 people donate $30 by March 1st, our campaign will be on the ballot!"


"It only takes 100 $30 donations for us make qualifying and history! Say "yes" to putting the First Native in Georgia history on the ballot. Say "yes" to putting a Living Wage and fair housing front and center this election! Say "yes" to a Better-Macon Bibb!"

You can also donate as much as you as much as you can! We need as many people giving as they can to stand a chance against all the monied interests in this election.